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Contact Us 1-866-692-6603

A complete, real-time diagnostics solution for your dairy parlor

Combining advanced hardware and software, MilkMaven uses sensors that constantly check pulsator health and the vacuum pump while notifying dairymen of out of compliance equipment. The system offers suggestions based on the source of the problem to provide a head-start towards resolving the issue.

Using MilkMaven's cloud-based application, it is easy to configure 24/7 monitoring of your dairy parlor to receive notifications - from any computer or mobile device - in the event of milking system failures. The program allows users to perform diagnostics of the milking phase ratios with the simple click of a button.

Pinpoints pulsator problems

  • MilkMaven gives your maintenance team a head start fixing problems as they happen in real time.
  • Communicates problems such as air leaks, partial blockages, and dirty pulsators and filters.

Low total cost of ownership

  • Because the solution is completely wireless and uses today’s state of the art technologies, MilkMaven is simple to install and even simpler to maintain.
  • Works with any type of pulsator or parlor.

Highly configurable

  • Provides the ability to set targets for all phases.
  • Administrators can provide multiple levels of access to MilkMaven functionality.


  • Proactively notifies maintenance staff when there is a problem without making someone look for a problem.
  • Dashboards and analytics for detailed troubleshooting.
  • Designed from ground up to prevent false positives.

Monitor from anywhere

  • Monitor your parlors on-farm or off-farm from any location using the cloud and a web browser.
  • No need to install desktop software on multiple workstations.
  • Use any mobile device, including an iPad or iPhone.


  • MilkMaven’s logic is managed centrally to provide easy distribution to the latest advanced features.
  • No need to worry about installing the latest and greatest version of desktop software on one or more devices.

Supports multiple units of measurement

  • MilkMaven can display values in kPa, PSI and inHg.
  • Designed for global use, for the unique differences within each country.

Supports multiple languages

  • MilkMaven supports English, French and Spanish out of the box.
  • Easily extensible for additional languages.